EETI offers a wide range of other services that can assist many. Its owner, Todd Soard, has been in EMS since 1981, a Florida licensed Private Investigator since 1988, and was awarded the 2016 EMS Instructor of the Year by the Florida Department of Health. As an expert witness since 2004, Todd Soard has assisted many in court cases throughout the U.S. Dr. Soard holds a BS Degree in Criminal Justice, a Master in Education, and a PhD in Public Health.

Services Provided

  • Background Checks for your Institution or personal (Todd Soard owns Coral Springs Investigations)
  • Event Staffing
  • Accident Investigation
  • Educational Development
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Florida CIE Program Application Consulting Services (Get your school set-up correctly)
  • Continuing Education Programs for EMS, Medical, and Corporate services
  • Anti-Terrorism Evaluation and Education​

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