EMT Refresher Course, and Paramedic Refresher Course  (Home/Distant Learning Program)

All Programs are Florida state approved National Standard Refreshers. Registration Link below.

Here is how it works:
EETI has been offering innovative EMT Refresher courses and Paramedic Refresher materials in Florida since 1992. Our program has assisted those in the U.S. and from around the world, making it easier for all to obtain their EMT Refresher and Paramedic Refresher hours. EETI’s EMT Refresher and Paramedic Refresher, and all its programs, are State of Florida approved which meet most, if not all, requirements for your state or NR.

When you register you will receive a packet. You complete the worksheets in the packet and send them back to us. EMTs have the skills acknowledgment form that must be signed by a Training Officer, Medical Director, or Paramedic Instructor. This course provides 30 hours plus 2 hours of Pediatrics for EMTs and 48 hours plus 2 hours Pediatrics for Paramedics.

Paramedics complete the packet and return it with a copy of a current ACLS card. If you need ACLS, that can be arranged through us as well. Your ACLS is the skill/class time are combined, providing 48 hours plus 2 hours of HIV update and IS your skill confirmation. NO skill check-off sheet is required.

All EMT Refresher Courses and Paramedic Refreshers are $195.00 and may be downloaded or mailed to you. The download is in MS Word so you may open it on most computers. If you require ACLS, this may be purchased along with your Refresher for an additional $100.00.

These programs are designed for you to learn and perform research. The packet, along with an EMT or Paramedic textbook, will assist you in completing the refresher, allowing you to become current in your knowledge and skills. When completed you will then return the worksheets and test back to EETI by mail or your ground delivery preference.
The new NREMT transition portions are now added and available in the material for EMT and Paramedic. EETI looks forward in assisting you with your Refresher hours and wish you best in your continued career. If you are concerned as to if your State accepts this Refresher please call your Bureau of EMS. It is State of Florida approved and meets the National Standard for refresher training.
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