In accordance with Florida Administrative Code 65C-20 and 65G-2, this 4-hour program meets all national standard requirements and is equivalent to other National Organization programs and JAMA recommendations. Additionally, all Instructors of EETI are nationally recognized as American Heart Association or ASHI Instructors. All curriculum follows the AHA and  ASHI programs that is nationally accepted. 

EETI is a recognized educational provider in the State of Florida and worldwide. EETI offers certification in Pediatric/Infant/Adult CPR First Aid to assist with affordable education. All Instructors of EETI must maintain a current AHA or ASHI Instructorship to offer this EETI course. 

The course must be 4-hours to meet State Agency policy, be an in person course, and have a practical examination. This course is NOT for Healthcare Providers. EETI Instructors will be offered the EETI handout for free that covers CPR and First AId. Other DVDs may be used as well that properly cover this course at the Instructors expense. 

EETI reserves the right to change requirements at any time to meet required standards of this course or EETI policy. 

All cards issued must have the issue and expiration date typed or stamped. All other entry items need to be legible and it is preferred that they be typed as well. Other than a signature, students are NOT to print any thing on the card. The expiration date will have the  month and year (MM/YYYY)  printed since all cards are good till the end of that month. Issue date must have MM/DD/YYYY. Course rosters will have EETI CPR First Aid as the Course provided, scanned, and emailed to 

Any duplication of the card is prohibited and will be investigated to the fullest. When discovered, the providing instructor must assist in the investigation and conform to any advice or termination of instructor status if found to be at fault.