Good Afternoon all AHA Instructors,

The AHA is requiring us to validate everyone’s instructor cards. Please email me directly a copy of your current instructor card(s). Even if you have done this recently, please do so again.

If your card(s) are expired, please remit payment at the link below to renew your instructor card(s). Please pay attention to the quantity and please put in the special instructions/comments which cards are being renewed.

Click here for AHA Instructor Card Renewal

Training Sites — any instructors under you, please email me a list with everyone’s name and expiration date(s).

This is very important. Anyone with an expired instructor card is not allowed to teach any AHA courses until this is renewed.

We appreciate everyone’s assistance on this matter. Thank you, team!

Thanks for doing business with us.


Monai Soard-Kerns
[email protected]